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Ostrava provides Hyundai with engineering solutions

Products from Ostrava are not just sections, sheets or rebars. The Czech unit can produce even engineering products and develop technical solutions in which well-known automotive companies show their interest. That’s the case of ArcelorMittal Engineering Products Ostrava (AMEPO) which started cooperating with Hyundai automaker.


“It all began early in February 2013 when Hyundai representatives contacted us with an inquiry to fix their drive shaft ensuring motion of a conveyer which transfers cars to the output control,” explains technical representative of sales and marketing AMEPO Radim Holoubek.


As the team of Ostrava technicians managed to find a solution in a very short time and the conveyer started moving again in just three days other orders form Hyundai started flowing in.


Tailored made technical solutions


The Czech engineers were then asked to help solve ware-and-tear of an area onto which bodies in white are hung up and consequently transferred to the paintshop. The construction team proposed several options and after a few visits to the carmaker the Ostrava team produced a trial 62 metres long track with new technical features preventing wear.


The proposed solution worked and so the technicians from Ostrava’s Engineering Products could get down to work and manufactured 92 metres long trolley conveyer track which Hyundai Manufacturing Czech successfully put into operation.


Expanding to automotive market


After completing the orders to the customer’s satisfaction ArcelorMittal Engineering Products Ostrava is proud to have become a regular supplier of spare parts for this company.


“Thanks to our construction team we are able to offer to Hyundai technical solutions to any problem at their lines and devices, develop design documentation and manufacture products as they request. Based on this experience we would like to penetrate into the automotive market,” says Daniel Doležal, head of sales and marketing of AMEPO.


Collaboration: Ivo Štěrba, Communications, ArcelorMittal Ostrava
Photo: Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech

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