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Turnkey project for Steel Plant – a challenge that AMEPO dealt with successfully

Design, produce, deliver, install and put into operation. Such a task on the construction of equipment for the slow cooling of continuously cast products was assigned to the ArcelorMittal Engineering Products Ostrava (AMEPO) by the Steel Plant. The implementation team worked on this project from April to August. Currently, technology is being tested, which will last until the end of November.


The individual aspects of the project were discussed with Radim Holoubek, technical representative of the sales department, Petr Čajka from the design and construction department and Daniel Doležal, the marketing and sales manager of AMEPO.


How did AMEPO get to this project?


RH: A call for tender on the implementation of cooling boxes was issued by the purchasing department of investments at ArcelorMittal Ostrava. We chose to respond to the invitation to tender and were successful. The tender process was completed via e-auction, which ultimately proved that with the proper management of resources and subcontracting we are able to gain these types of projects.


Did you encounter any difficulties before the start of the project?


RH: Due to the complex nature of the project - a turnkey project - a challenge, among other things, was to determine a suitable refractory material for stands and base of boxes that must withstand high temperatures ranging from 800°C to 850°C. In the end, refractory material in the form of billets was purchased from our Polish sister company, ArcelorMittal Warsaw, and was adjusted to the desired shape and installed on the spot. Another pitfall of the project was to determine the spatial layout for the placement of cooling covers in the hall  of continuous casting plant (CCP) 1, which we eventually managed to resolve.


Were you aware of all the risks associated with work on the project?


RH: This project was, from the initial tender documents to the installation and launch, only the second turnkey project of such magnitude for AMEPO. We were aware of all the risks that might arise during the project implementation. To facilitate the completion of the project within the desired timetable was considered the greatest risk since the project was not contracted until April with the completion by 31 August. Furthermore, we were aware of the fact that the works would be carried out under full operation CCP 1, and in no case could the continuous casting and subsequent expedition to wagons be restricted. These activities were carried out in the immediate vicinity of the construction.


Did you face any major problems during the implementation of the project?


PČ: Dealing with the required completion date of the project was quite a considerable challenge. Further complications occurred during the demolition of existing concrete structures, when the supplier faced "over- reinforced" foundations. In addition, supply of billets for refractory columns was constantly being postponed because this quality of steel is produced only several times a year according to the interest of customers.


How do you assess cooperation with other companies that participated in the project?


PČ: All supplier companies adopted a responsible approach towards the implementation of the project. Even though all the work was carried out at full production CCP 1, we always found a common solution with the leadership of the Steel Plant, which we appreciate.


How do you assess measures to ensure safety during works performed?


PČ: During the entire project implementation, no work accident happened and all the comments and requests regarding work safety from the employees were dealt with promptly. We would like to thank them for their support.


What did the project mean to you?


DD: We highly appreciate the confidence the contracting authority put in us. It was a big challenge for AMEPO which should direct the operation of engineering production to medium-sized turnkey projects and verify the ability to offer, win and implement the given project within the required time. I believe that we did not disappoint the trust of the contracting authority and may therefore get the opportunity to successfully implement other similar projects.

Ondřej Doležel


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